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From humble beginnings in Singapore in 1988, Daya Solution has grown to become one of Qatar’s leading interior architecture & brand experience agency.

From our design office, we specialize in conveying creative and innovative solutions. Whether leading super-creative concept thinking or rolling out high-end global retail concepts, overseeing once-in-a-lifetime residential projects, unveiling immersive visitor experiences or re-imagining neighborhood restaurants and cafes, Daya Solution is dedicated to delivering unique spaces and experiences. You can take a closer look at some of our projects.

OUR Services


•    Customer Need Analysis
•    Experience Analysis
•    Contextual Enquiries
•    Participatory Design
•    Behavioral Observation
•    Customer Journey Analysis
•    Experience Mapping
•    Service Design Strategy
•    Service Design Audit
•    Design Project ROI


•    Customer Journey Design
•    Customer Experience Design
•    Interior Design
•    3D Design
•    Architecture
•    Retail Strategy & Design
•    Pop-up Store Design
•    Furniture Design
•    In-store Communications
•    Visual Merchandising
•    Physical Environment Design

& construction

•    Fit Out
•    Retail Roll Out Consultancy
•    Project Management
•    Prototyping
•    Corporate Identity
•    Implementation
•    Turn Key Solutions
•    Budget Analysis
•    Site Surveys Tender Strategy
•    Technical and Administrative


•    Name Generation
•    Brand Identity
•    Visual Language
•    Brand Architecture
•    Graphic Design
•    Digital Design
•    Branded Environments
•    Signage & Application
•    Brand Awareness
•    Brand Guidelines

& ux

•    Web Design & Development
•    Mobile App Design
•    User Requirement Analysis
•    Site Mapping
•    Wireframing
•    Usability Testing
•    User Experience Reviews
•    Visual & Interactive Design
•    Projection Mapping
•    Virtual / Augmented Reality
•    Mobile Game Development


•    Awareness Campaigns
•    360º Marketing Campaigns
•    Guerilla Marketing
•    Creative Event Strategy
•    Event Production
•    Talent Sourcing
•    Creative Live Performances
•    In-store Events
•    Pop-up Strategy
•    Pop-up Production
•    Brand Partnerships


•    Barrisol
•    Art Matrix
•    Primo International

In this omni-channel age, with countless ways in which you can engage your customers, being able to offer them a seamless experience at targeted touch-points are invaluable. The chances of making this happen are greatly improved if you can find all of the necessary design skills and technical expertise under one roof.

At Daya we are a team of researchers and brand strategists, interior designers, architects, retail and UX consultants, graphic designers, web and app developers, product designers and marketing strategists.

We work in unison to offer your customers a truly memorable – and seamless –experience wherever they come into contact with your brand.



Understand the needs of the client and collect
all available data, opinions and research


Throw the creative net wide to gather the full
range of factors and influences which may
contribute to the project


Include the client team in an open-minded
and stimulating brainstorming process which
challenges preconceptions


Refine all the ideas to date and extract the
essence for the most appropriate solution


Clearly communicate the vision for the project
through design


Implement and deliver the project on time and
to budget

daya workflow
Daya creates people Inspired Experiences. More than simply “understanding the target audience” all our creative work is driven by real customer insight. We have an in-house insights/trends capability that is central to the way we work. It ensures that we never lose sight of the customer’s wants and needs, right through the process, not just at the start of a project. We’re fascinated by people – how they think, act, react and buy – we believe that our “People Inspired”
approach can help us design brand experiences that resonate with consumers on a more emotive level.Every project is unique, but they all start with one thing in common. We want to know everything: where you started. Where you want to go next. What you value. Who your customers are and why they care about you. The only way to solve a problem is to understand it from every angle. Luckily, we’ve got a proven process to quench our insatiable curiosity & commitment.

the daya TEAM

Daya Solution is a dynamic company with a team that has a proven track record delivering to the highest international standards for demanding customers. We always strive to exceed customer expectations. Every project is unique and requires a tailored team approach. On appointment we assign a design manager to manage your project and engage specific skills to meet the individual project challenges. All projects are overseen by Ashraff Qasimi (Director of Design), to ensure the highest quality of delivery.



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